Backing Tracks for Bass Players – Become a Better Bass Player by Playing Along

  • Get prepped for any jam situation — Every song is built around the common chord progressions from rock and blues jams, so you’ll prepared when you jam and solo.
  • Build a complete set of bass playing skills — Our backing tracks for bass players are in a range of keys, tempos, and styles, so you’ll become a more experienced musician while practicing developing bass lines.
  • Practice jamming in a ‘live’ situation — Each backing track includes a professionally-composed guitar solo, making the jamming experience feel extremely ‘live’. Learn how to stay ‘locked-in’ to the song’s beat before you play live with a group.
  • Designed specifically for bass players — Our backing tracks for bass players have been specifically written, performed, mixed, and mastered to give you the best platform to practice your bass playing.
  • Feel like you’re jamming with friends — If your friends can’t jam today, play one of our backing track albums for bass players and have your own jam session. Jam with any track as often as you’d like to refine your playing.

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