Jam along with these tracks and improve your playing quickly!

Practice jamming with a band with these ultra high quality backing tracks.  We offer a wide variety of styles, tempos and keys to prepare you to play bass in just about any situation.  Professional musicians with extensive jamming experience created these stellar tracks for you to master your bass playing skills.  With 10 albums and 12 songs per album, there is over 10 hours of jamming material.  These “bass-less” tracks are unique in the following ways:

  • Each song was meticulously recorded, mixed and mastered with extreme attention to detail.
  • Mastering was done in a way that leaves room in the audio spectrum for your bass playing.
  • Each track includes a professionally-composed guitar solo, making the jamming experience feel extremely “live”.
  • A wide variety of genes and tempos are offered to help prepare you for nearly any jamming situation.
  • Created by professional musicians who care deeply about helping you master your instrument.

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