Tracks for guitar

Extremely high quality backing tracks for Guitarists to jam along with to hone their soloing skills. Over 11 hours of jamming material in a wide range of keys, tempos and styles. Play along with these and have fun while quickly becoming a better lead guitarist.

Tracks for bass

Bass players can practice locking in with the drummer in this large collection of extremely high quality "bass-less" play along tracks. Each track is at least 5 minutes long, and contains entertaining guitar solos, making practice sessions feel like live jamming sessions. Jam to these tracks and your bass playing will improve rapidly.

Tracks for drums

Become a better drummer by jamming along with this vast collection of extremely high quality backing tracks. These tracks include professionally composed guitar solos, which transforms a monotonous practice session into a live jam experience. Drumming to these tracks will help you learn to lock in with a bass player and keep your groove solid, even while a guitarist is soloing.